Urea 46%

  • We have partnered with Dangote Fertilizer, Africa’s largest fertilizer company with capacity of over 5 million tonnes per annum and do export sale of urea in bulk from DANGOTE QUAYS LEKKI, LAGOS, NIGERIA based on available laycan and price agreement.
  • Sales are done on SPOT, FOB and CIF bases
  • Quantity for each export is 30,000 MT +/-5%
  • Loaded in 50 kg bags with see-through packaging and competitive pricing.
  • Dangote Granular Urea has low moisture for easy handling and application
  • It absorbs lesser moisture from the environment which slow and consistent release of Nitrogen which ensures better yield, healthy crop and quality produce.
  • Dangote granular Urea is uniform in size, consistent, dust free, less leaching and volatilization making it environmentally friendly.

Urea 46%, also known as urea fertilizer, is a commonly used nitrogen fertilizer and animal feed additive in the agricultural industry. Here are some key points about Urea 46:

  1. Definition:
    • Urea is manufactured from anhydrous ammonia (NH3).
    • It contains 46% nitrogen (N), which is the main reason for its low cost compared to other nitrogen fertilizers.
    • Urea can be purchased as prills (small spherical pellets) or as granules.
    • Granulated urea is larger, harder, and more resistant to moisture, making it suitable for fertilizer blends.
  2. Composition and Formula:
    • Urea’s chemical formula is CO(NH₂)₂.
    • It has two –NH₂ groups joined by a carbonyl (C=O) functional group.
    • Urea plays a crucial role in the metabolism of nitrogen-containing compounds in animals and is the main nitrogen-containing substance in mammalian urine.
    • It is colourless, odourless, highly soluble in water, and practically non-toxic.
  3. Uses and Benefits:
    • Urea serves as a source of nitrogen (N) in fertilizers.
    • It is widely used in agriculture to promote plant growth and development.
    • Urea is essential for nitrogen excretion in the body.
    • Its high solubility in water makes it easy to apply to crops.
  4. Packaging and Transportation:
    • Urea 46% is available in various forms, including prills and granules.
    • Proper packaging ensures safe handling and storage.
    • Transportation methods vary based on the form and quantity of urea.

In summary, Urea 46% is a valuable nitrogen fertilizer that contributes to crop health and productivity in agriculture.


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