About us

We are a Non-ferrous and Minor Metal trading company located in London the financial capital of the world. We take pride in sourcing exotic metals and minerals for use in industries, steel mills, aerospace companies, foundries and alloying industries.

GREEN PERIDOT was established in 2018 and has since become a leading trading company dealing in non- ferrous and minor metals. With our extensive trading experience in London.

The success of GREEN PERIDOT is based on quality service and goodwill garnered over the years. Our products are sourced from verified miners and we ensure that they are quality material.

We constantly work toward innovation as well as expansion into new markets and also continuously focus our activities on the needs of our customers and suppliers. We have emerged as one of the foremost suppliers of wide range of non- ferrous metal products.

The categories of our product range encompass Base Metal & Alloys, Minor Metals, Ferro Alloys, Noble Alloys & ores Features: Corrosion Resistance to oxidation & increase in strength.

Our metals and minerals are gotten from mines in West and East Africa with our resource office in Abuja (Nigeria) responsible delivering the demands of our worldwide customers.

We are a member of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).

What Sets Us Apart

We strive to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction by offering the best range of products and services. We have implemented quality management practices along with an exceptional supply chain and customer service support.

What sets us apart is our customer loyalty and after sales customer service along with our flexibility to change our strategy and systems in tandem with changing times.

“Our loyal customers and constant support from the community has helped us excel in this highly competitive market. We have encountered several achievements in our few years of business.” Our strength has been the heart-warming testimonials of loyal customers that has taken us ahead and helped us achieve various milestones.

With our intricate understanding of Pricing and market fluctuations we offer multiple pricings options to our customers designed as per their need to minimize their market risk.

Our Expertise

Over the years we have gained a comprehensive understanding of trade, sourcing and supply chain processes of the non-ferrous metal industry making us experts.

Our Experience

With immersion in Minor Metal and non-ferrous metals trade we have gained a deep understanding of sourcing networks and adequate passion for providing the best services.

Best Supplier

Our comprehensive understanding of the market enables us to provide our clients the multiple pricing options, making us the best in business.

Global Network

Through the years, we have developed a global and reliable supplier network. With our locations London (United Kingdom) and Abuja (Nigeria).